About Us

Established April 2021

Our family-owned business aims to provide our area with an epic growing experience! Bringing specialized materials and supplies for the indoor & outdoor garden hobby and plant enthusiast. We pride ourselves on educating the customer about the products we offer and explaining how they improve your growing environment and experience.

Providing our customers with a variety of industry-leading products, including…LED grow lights, grow tents & accessories, pots (plastic, air pots, & fabric pots, net-pots), hydroponic systems & supplies, organic fertilizers for soil and hydroponics. We have a dynamic variety of the highest quality, natural and organic soils and soil amendments available on the East coast. We carry the largest variety of magic mushroom spores, gourmet mushrooms spores and medicinal mushrooms spores in the east coast. With over 30 different options to choose from and growing.

It is definitely not what’s found in big box stores and only at your local retailer!

Our psilocybe mushroom spores are for microscopy and research purpose only.