Platinum OG Feminized-6pck

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Platinum OG Feminized is a Northern California-bred Indica-dominant hybrid. It is a cross between OG Kush, Purps, and Master Kush. The silver shine that covers the buds gave the cannabis strain its name. Platinum OG Feminized can easily be classified as one of the best varieties in the industry . This cannabis strain is perfect for growing outdoors in a wet, sunny setting, and it’s also resistant to diseases like mildew and mold. The flowers are luscious and bright green, with distinctive orange hair and platinum coating.

Terpenes And Aroma Of Platinum OG Feminized Strain

Platinum OG Feminized Strain produces an earthy notes that smells like freshly cut pine trees. Platinum OG Fem has a spicy and smooth coffee terpene profile, with woody and sweet notes are thrown in for good measure. It has a strong aroma and a lovely herbal hints. Platinum OG Feminized has a sweet, earthy aroma. This hybrid has a strong odor enhanced by touches of spices and lemon, resulting in an incredibly aromatic presence that fills the atmosphere.